With the Tide (shipping not included in price)


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Acrylic & mixed media on Canvas

900 x 900mm

Framed in Tasmanian Oak 

Shipping is from Newcastle NSW- allow up to $400 for shipping costs to major cities on the east coast Australia. International shipping not available on Original artworks.

This piece is inspired by the everchanging coastline. The designs and patterns left behind with the tide. The layers of footprints slowly washing away. The bubbles that rise to the surface from the creatures that sit below. The shells that wash in from other shores. The circle centre piece represents a midden site. A midden site is made up of bones and shell remnants from another time. Many have been dated to be thousands of years old. I remember the first time my dad showed me the middens in the sand dunes. It was like a window back in time and is still a very special memory to me.