ARISE Mini (EL&RO Jewellery Collaboration)



A special collaboration with EL & RO jewellery. This artwork is inspired by life and all the ups and downs that come along with it. 

The pieces in this collection celebrate the beauty of both old and new,  of renewal and change. The connection between past and present and the connection between people & Country.

The SUN our giver of life, a positive healing energy.  She represents new beginnings.     With each sunrise a daily reminder we are lucky to be here.

 The MOON represents change-. Just as the moon and tides are in a constant cycle we navigate our own ups and downs in life. Change can be both exciting or hard to embrace. A reminder the moon wanes into the darkness only to shine bright again.

 The BANKSIA represents purpose. The banksia cone was used to carry fire. It shows the important role of the Banksia after death and honours the connection we keep with our loved ones both here and parted. We carry their spirit with us always and look to them for guidance and purpose.