Renewal Prints (limited edition /50)



The blue greens of eucalypt, flowing water, mottled tree barks & new growth.

The warmth of pinks and oranges splattered across red gums, old growth waiting to fall, squiggles left behind by tunnelling moth larvae, the sunlight signalling a new day.

This collection is inspired by the concept of change. The way Country constantly evolves and grows. The cycle of seasons, of passing and renewal. The way Country is constantly evolving and growing as we are.

Its a parallel to the way we are constantly changing, learning, experiencing and evolving as individuals in our own lives and a reminder that we too belong to country.

The pieces in this collection celebrate the beauty of both old and new, the chance of renewal and change. The connection between past and present and the connection between people & Country.

Canvas with Oak Frame 2-3 weeks

All stretched canvas artworks are framed with Tasmanain Oak. The frame features a shadow box gap, that sits between the frame and the canvas, giving the artwork a sophisticated floating appearance.

Oak Framed Fine Art Print 2-3 weeks

Cotton Rag Fine art prints are professionally framed in Tasmanian Oak oak hardwood timber frame, which features a 5cm white border around the art. The artwork is then finished with glass or acrylic to protect the fine art print.

Acrylic & Glass

Please note, if ordering outside of metro areas framing acrylic will be used in place of glass to reduce the risk of breakage in transit. Being shatter-proof and lightweight it is a fantastic option for shipping and also installing into areas where safety is paramount. Being a plastic, it does scratch easier than glass, so care must be taken when cleaning it.

All orders within metro areas will be framed behind glass and shipped via a professional art courier.